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Vision for a Relic: “Pictory Theatre” continued

Collaboration between MIFA Victory Theatre and The Tabor Art Gallery at HCC

Date: Open Mon, Tues, Thur. August 13 – September 6, 2012

Time: Noon - 4:30pm

Venue: The Taber Art Gallery

Donahue Building, Holyoke Community College

Tickets: Free and Open to the Public

Photographing the Degenerative Beauty of Holyoke’s Historic Grand Dam; the Victory Theatre

Closing reception on Thursday, Sept. 6th from 5 - 7:00 pm.

In cooperation with the Massachusetts International Festival of Arts (MIFA), the Taber Art Gallery at Holyoke Community College presents a beautiful new installation exhibiting recent photographs and old memorabilia gleaned from the “Pictory Theatre” fundraiser held last spring in downtown Holyoke. This “second showing” is a chance to see the work anew and show support for MIFA’s vision to restore the theatre to its once stately prominence. For the original event “Pictory Theatre” 38 photographers from around the world were invited to take photos of the Victory Theatre’s interior that has been closed since 1979. The opportunity to access, explore, and photograph this fine piece of urban archaeology came with only one condition: that each photographer donate an original print to help raise money for the restoration and reopening of the Victory Theatre. Rob Rea, a local photographer, was the coordinator who invited the participants. Now, with a new carefully crafted installation and context, the Taber Art Gallery is pleased to extend the opportunity to make this work available to view (and support the Victory) again.

For gallery information call (413)552-2614


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