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HolidayHolyoke: A Weekend Pop Up Shop

Sponsored by MIFA Victory Theatre

Dates: Friday, Dec. 14 -16, 2012


Venue: 330 High Street in Holyoke, MA

Tickets: Free and Open to the Public

Community Kick-Off Event Friday, 14th at 7PM

Art for Everyone! It's a $100 (or less) Art Sale for the Holidays. The Holiday Holyoke Shop will be open daily from 11am to 7pm, offering quality products made with love and passion by local artists and artisans. Hand-made and original pieces from across many disciplines will be available – painting, jewelry, photography, and many other crafts. All items are $100 or less. The artist themselves will receive the majority of the sales; only ten percent will be used to fund admin costs and future pop-ups.

Also, happening after the shop closes on Friday, Dec. 14th - there will be an after-party meet & greet from 7:00 pm-midnight. Shoppers and members of the community will have a chance to speak with some of the artists and organizers.

What is a Pop-up? A pop-up shop is a short-term retail space that appears seemingly out of nowhere, quickly drawing in customers, and then disappears when the optimal selling season is over. While you'll see large retailers such as Target, Saks, and Macy's incorporating pop-ups in their main retail space to briefly promote trendy events, pop-ups shops are a great way for artists and crafters to have a retail presence during major selling periods throughout the year. Halloween stores are a common example, as are fireworks stores. Pop-up stores can also benefit a downtown marketplace, sellers can take advantage of vacant storefronts, lower rents, and shorter leases if they are looking to generate sales but have a limited amount of inventory.

What is the Holyoke Artist Cabal (HAC)? The HAC believes in making great art accessible to all, no matter what the social-economic situation. The HAC organized the Holyoke Holiday Pop-Art Shop not only to make it possible for local artist to sell their creative products but to engage the whole community and highlight their city as a place where art is happening.

With the help of community organizer, educator Hillary Pollan and the City’s new Creative Economy Coordinator, Jeff Bianchine – the HAC has been able to assemble the components necessary to put on the sale. The large-windowed shop on High Street has been graciously donated by Holyoke Property Management and the Massachusetts International Festival of Art (MIFA) is helping to sponsor the event - the holidays in Holyoke will never be the same again.

For more information, contact Holiday Holyoke at 413-437-0179 or email


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