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Second After the Final Curtain Photography Workshop

Collaboration between MIFA Victory Theatre, Matt Lambros & AbandonedAmerica

Date: March 28, 2015

Time: 9am-6pm

Venue: Victory Theatre, 81-89 Suffolk Street, Holyoke, MA

Tickets: $130.00 per person

The Victory Theatre: Second After the Final Curtain Photography Workshop

The Workshop: During the workshop photographers Matt Lambros and Matthew Christopher will be on hand to help participants get better shots. These environments can be pretty tough to navigate photographically and Lambros & Christopher encourage participants to come with questions and will be on hand to offer individualized instruction for the duration of the event. Learning to use a tripod, what file format to shoot in, how to compose shots better, what ISO, F-Stop, and shutter speed affect, and how to do things like exposure bracketing are very important. We want participants to leave with pictures you're proud of!

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