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El Puerto Rico, The Rich Port 2

Date: June 7 & June 8, 2019

Time: 7:30PM

Venue: El Mercado, 413 Main St., Holyoke

Tickets: $20

A program of the Victory Theatre International Arts Academy, the 2019 MIFA Victory Players residency & concerts (May 28th – June 9th) will feature the second phase of “El Puerto Rico, The Rich Port 2” with world premieres of three commissions by:

Christian A. Quiñones

Tony Solitro

Omar Surillo

The concert will also introduce the music of this year’s composers in residence:

Carlos Carrillo

Iván Enrique Rodríguez

Liliya Ugay

THE RESIDENCY: Under the musical direction of Artistic Director and conductor Tianhui Ng, the Victory Players will feature Giovanni Pérez (Flute), Eric Schultz (Clarinet), Elly Toyoda (Violin), Clare Monfredo (Cello), Nathan Ben-Yehuda (Piano), and Robert Rocheteau (Percussion). The residency runs from May 28 – June 9, 2019 and consists of rehearsals, composer residencies, school workshops and concerts, and 2 public performances.

Date: June 7 & June 8, 2019 at 7:30PM

Venue: El Mercado, 413 Main Street, Holyoke, MA 01040

Ticket price: General Admission $20.00

The residency will include school workshops at Holyoke High School, Chicopee Comprehensive High School, South Hadley Plains Elementary School, Gateway Regional High School.

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