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Victory Theatre: An After the Final Curtain Photography Workshop

A Collaboration between MIFA Victory Theatre, Matt Lambros & Abandoned America

Date: September 27 & 28, 2014

Time: 1PM

Venue: Victory Theatre, 81-89 Suffolk Street, Holyoke, MA

Tickets: $130.00 per person

The Workshop: During the workshop photographers Matt Lambros and Matthew Christopher will be on hand to help participants get better shots. These environments can be pretty tough to navigate photographically and Lambros & Christopher encourage participants to come with questions and will be on hand to offer individualized instruction for the duration of the event. Learning to use a tripod, what file format to shoot in, how to compose shots better, what ISO, F-Stop, and shutter speed affect, and how to do things like exposure bracketing are very important. We want participants to leave with pictures you're proud of!

Safety: You need to be very aware of your safety. I encourage you to always pay attention to your surroundings. A site manager will be on hand and following their directions is critical. If you do not you may be asked to leave the site. You will be asked to sign a waiver before you enter acknowledging that you are entering a potentially unsafe environment and that you will not hold either the owners or myself liable for any harm that may befall you or your equipment. Obviously the first priority on the trip, even before taking great pictures, is making sure that you are safe - but you will need to be the one looking out for that. Please note this environment has mold and dust that may be problematic for people with allergies or respiratory conditions and factor that into your decision whether or not to attend. Respirators are highly recommended.

What to bring:

- respirator/dust mask (recommended)

- for darker areas, flashlights and/or an external flash (a flash cable wouldn't hurt too)

- a bottle of water

- sturdy boots that protect your feet

- your tripod

- a fully charged cell phone

- your camera manual if you're unsure how to change settings. I can help you find the information you need in the manual but most cameras have their own ways of accessing features and changing settings and that makes things a lot easier.

- It's not necessary but a remote shutter switch is a nice thing to have and you can get a cheap one on Amazon for about $6 depending on your camera.

If you have questions or are thinking about signing up, please read the Workshop FAQ Page! Send me a note at if you need to know anything else. If the PayPal link is immediately below this there are still open spots.


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