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SCREEN TEST 2: Movie Trivia Madness

Sponsored by MIFA Victory Theatre

Date: March 10, 2013

Time: 3:00 PM

Venue: Academy of Music, Northampton, MA

Tickets: $10.00 General Admission

In what classic 1956 movie do townspeople get replaced by duplicates of themselves who emerge from giant pods? What musical instrument was Gene Hackman playing in the final scene of “The Conversation”? What was the name of Federico Fellini’s famous studio?

If you know the answers to these and other movie trivia questions, you’d be ready to challenge The Mr. DeMilles, the winning team returning to defend their title at Screentest 2: Movie Trivia Madness, the Amherst Cinema’s benefit movie trivia bee, to be held at the Academy of Music.

Hosted by City Council President and a 25-year veteran of the legendary Pleasant Street Video, Bill Dwight with special guest author, actor, and humorist John Hodgman, SCREEN TEST 2 is an opportunity for cinephiles of all ages to test their film knowledge. Up to 24 teams (three people per team) will compete for prizes and honors, challenged by movie trivia questions on categories including film stars, film scores, famous lines, book adaptations, renowned directors, Oscar Trivia, and more.

MIFA Victory Theatre, a sponsor of Amherst Cinema’s benefit movie trivia bee.


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