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Felipe Pérez Santiago, Composer

Considered by the international press as one of the most active and recognized composers

of the musical scene, Felipe Pérez Santiago has received several prizes, awards and

recognitions in Europe, United States and Latin America including, among many others,

the composition prize of the Kronos Quartet in USA, the electronic music prize in Bourges,

France, the music for dance competition by the Onassis Foundation in Greece, the Betty J.

Meyers grant and the National Performance Network award in Washington and Austin

respectively, a platinum album in Mexico, numerous international grants, and several prizes

and nominations for his film scores, including the best music award at the Miami Film

Festival for the score of the film “Amalgama” by internationally acclaimed Mexican

filmmaker Carlos Cuarón.

In Mexico, he is an honorary member of the National System of Art Creators, he

represented his country before the UNESCO at the International Composers Rostrum, and

was considered by the Mexico City cultural website as one of the 7 most recognized

national artists worldwide. He was as well one of the three artists selected for the "Keep

Walking Mexico" campaign, and received in 2021 the “Trajectory Award”, given by the

Composers Society of Mexico (SACM) for 25 years of uninterrupted and successful career

as a composer.

He is founder and artistic director of the Mal’Akh and Vórtice Ensembles, formations of

flexible instrumentation where he combines chamber music with rock instruments,

electronics and multimedia with whom he has extensively toured and recorded, and

received several grants, prizes and recognitions.

His music has been commissioned and performed in more than 40 countries in some of the

most important theaters, concert halls, venues and festivals, and is included in more than 25

discographic productions worldwide including orchestral pieces, operas, chamber music,

solo pieces, electronic works, and music for films, dance, video and multimedia

installations. He has been as well invited as resident composer, teacher and guest lecturer to

conservatories, universities and institutions all over the world.

Currently, he is artist in residence at the SETI Institute (Search for Extraterrestrial

Intelligence) in California, where he will be working on projects related to art, science and

space technology, and artistic director of “The Earthling Project” which consists in

gathering human voices from all over the world to create a sonic legacy that will be sent

into space as a representation of the sounds of humanity.


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