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2021 Great Holyoke Brick Race

Sponsored by MIFA Victory Theatre since its debut event in May 2011!

Date: Saturday, October 2, 2021

Time: 11am-2pm

Venue: 80 Race St, Holyoke, MA

Tickets: Free & Open to the public

10th Anniversary

It's back! The only race like it in the world! Turn a standard building brick into a race car and send it down the track against all the others. Race to win or just race to play.

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As the name implies, a “Brick Race” involves designing and building a brick racecar that is cleverly mounted on wheels and raced down an inclined track using only gravity to cross the finish line. Our Brick Race will emphasize creativity and the sculptural quality of the racecars as well as making the fastest machine to cross the finish line first. Learn more:


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