“Wayfarer” dancer Noa Shiloh awarded ‘IUPA’

The Idan Cohen Dance Company‘s dancer, Noa Shiloh, has been awarded the Israeli Union of Performing Artists (IUPA) award for her performance of “Songs of a Wayfarer”. The Solo performed by Shiloh, was internationally recognized and promoted to major dance venues including: SIDF, Portland State University, UCLA, Amherst College.

MIFA Victory Theatre presented “Songs of a Wayfarer” in a film version by Wendy Woodson at Wistariahurst Museum, Holyoke, MA on April 22, 2014.

Photo: Dubi Czyzyk

Photo: Dubi Czyzyk

Israeli Union of Performing Artists (IUPA) A 1,800-member organization to promote the professional interests of all performing artists. Amongst the multiple beneficiaries of its services are actors from the theatre, cinema and television, singers, dancers, comedians, mime artists, magicians and circus performers, with special emphasis placed on the absorption of new immigrant artists. The IUPA’s three goals are to …read more

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