MIFA’s Don Sanders Returns to BAM Fisher

Updated: May 18

New York Times Review: In ‘Anna Akhmatova,’ a Magical Interlude Reconjured

MIFA’s Don Sanders returns to the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) Fisher directing Ensemble for the Romantic Century new show “Anna Akhmatova: The Heart Is Not Made of Stone”.

Show Runs April 27 – May 1, 2016

For tickets visit: www.bam.org

Passion. Politics. Poetry. Philosophy. Set against the sweeping backdrop of twentieth-century Russia, with a rich and beautiful score of music by Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev, and Shostakovich, Akhmatova: The Heart Is Not Made of Stone tells the tale of the meeting of two cultural giants – the Russian poet Anna Akhmatova (McLaughlin) and the British philosopher Isaiah Berlin (Holm). That fateful meeting, tinged with romance and risk, set off a flood of repercussions that plunged Akhmatova ever deeper into one of the darkest periods in modern history.

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