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Landscapes: The Red Mountain Series by Elizabeth Solley Caine

A Collaboration between MIFA Victory Theatre and Wistariahurst.

Date: Opening Reception Sunday, April 19, 2015

Time: 2 – 4pm

Venue: Wistariahurst Museum, 238 Cabot Street Holyoke, MA

Tickets: $3.00 general admission (FREE for museum members)

Exhibit open April 19 – June 1, 2015

Elizabeth Solley Caine's paintings of the Grand Tetons Mountains.

Increasingly interested in venturing out-of-doors to experience a deeper relationship with the Earth, in the past ten years Elizabeth Solley Caine has spent a great deal of time in many of our national parks observing the uniqueness of each. “When I first visited the Grand Canyon I found its majestic beauty overwhelming,” she writes. Solley Caine does not create traditional landscape paintings. She strives for a reasonably accurate depiction of her surroundings, but she is more interested in the feelings that the environment creates within her – the effect on her spirit and soul. This is what she tries to capture on canvas and share with the viewer.

Returning to large painting format, and by showing a number of large paintings together, she creates an environment. The size of the paintings in relationship to the size of the room creates an atmosphere that affects the viewer. Hanging multiple paintings together that have strong common elements, as in this Red Mountain Series, creates an installation of sorts. Her installation helps the viewer consider how the placing of artwork together can cause an emotional effect. She asks, “Is it peaceful, fearful, awe-inspiring, or otherworldly?” Art Historian Maureen McVeigh described Caine’s Red paintings as “a dynamic and innovative record of a living subject. Deriving their striking palette, dominated by variations of rich red, her works paint the natural world as a force that is formidable, alluring, and ultimately consuming.”

Ms. Solley Caine also loves the painting of an individual canvas, and personal expression remains a most valued characteristic of her art. Solley Caine is a painter who resides in Northampton, MA. She earned her BA from Kentucky Wesleyan College and her MFA from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY. She has exhibited at various galleries and venues in Western Massachusetts, New York, and Connecticut.


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