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MIFA Education Program

The goal of the MIFA education program is introduce students to major arts events and disciplines. Students attend and participate in performances, workshops, master classes and they interact with major national and international artists and arts companies. The MIFA program utilizes visiting artists as instructors and teachers and devises age appropriate experiences and lessons for students in conjunction with regional public and private school systems and various recreational and social service organizations. See: Past Education Events


Vocational Education Program

MIFA Victory Theatre Vocational Education Program is a collaboration of MIFA Victory Theatre with Holyoke Public and other regional schools, Holyoke Community College and the International Association of Technical and Stage Employees (IATSE Local 53).  Its goal is to train secondary and college age students for highly skilled jobs in the Entertainment and Media Industries.

The program trains young people through a practical hands on syllabus in all aspects of administrative, technical production, management and media skills such as producing and general management, Box Office and Front of House management, technical direction, stage management, lighting, sound and camera operation and wardrobe and cosmetology skills. Each student will be expected to exhibit the highest standards of artistry, professionalism and scholarship. The program will encourage students to be confident and competent, able to think critically and creatively and be leaders in their profession.

Read full concept paper: Vocational Education Program Concept Paper

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