Congratulations Fred!

Updated: May 11

Wonderful News

On August 30, 2016 the Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences voted to present an Honorary Academy Award to documentary filmmaker Frederick (Fred) Wiseman. Fred directed two shows presented at MIFA, in 1996 the film “La Comedie-Francaise ou L’Amour Joue” (The Comedy Francaise or the Love of Play) his documentary about the Comedie Francaise and in 2001 his unforgettable stage production of “La Derniere Lettre” (The Last Letter) taken from the novel by Vasily Grossman starring actress Catherine Samie. Some of you may remember these brilliant MIFA events. Whether you saw them or not, I’m sure you’ll share with me heartfelt Congratulations to Fred and the pride we feel in this recognition of his great artistry. Coincidentally, before the announcement we had started talking with Fred about a new event at MIFA.

More to Come!

Don Sanders Executive Artistic Director